Mayhill Open Day – Saturday 18th May read more

An open day is a great opportunity. On one hand we want to show off and market our new practice and on the other it provides patients with an opportunity to meet us and find out what we are all about.

We really enjoy meeting patients with our gloves off! It gives us a chance to discuss dental problems and anxieties in an informal way. This can be the first step for many patients who are not enthusiastic attendees or who have worries or concerns over treatment they have received in the past.

At our first open day our team will be on hand to give demonstrations and advice on all aspects of dental health targeted at all age groups. Question and answer sessions will be given by David Guppy and Cameron Currie specifically related to dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and almost invisible orthodontics. Our Dermatologist, Louise Hull will also be available for informal consultations on facial aesthetics.

You will be very welcome to tour the practice and see for yourself the standards we are setting ourselves. We will be offering very special offers on home bleaching and our membership plans.

Please come along and join us. Complimetary bubbly and nibbles will be on offer.

Tooth whitening-the facts! read more

The most common cause of dark or yellow teeth is smoking, red wine and tannic acid in tea and coffee. Teeth also darken naturally as we age. Surface staining can be removed by a hygienist but this is usually transient and in time the staining returns. The same is true of whitening tooth pastes which can be very expensive but have a negligible effect on the colour of teeth.

Tooth whitening or bleaching as prescribed by a dentist can remove the intrinsic nature of the discolouration and dramatically whiten your smile. The process is well tested and safe when provided by a dental professional.

Broadly speaking there are two techniques. In surgery whitening, which often involves a modified light or laser, has fallen out of favour. The use of trays and home bleaching is far more reliable but does take longer. The Enlighten system guarantees the B1 natural white shade. It achieves this with very low concentrations of the bleaching agent with little or no sensitivity. The trays are constructed to bleach the whole tooth. The fade back is very slow and foodstuffs or drinks seem to have very little or no effect.

If you want to brighten your smile predictably with amazing results contact at The Mayhill Dental and Specialist Centre Tel 01600 712020.

Food for thought read more

People who maintain their chewing ability are probably less likely to develop dementia, compared to those who cannot chew well any more, researchers from the Department of Odontology and the Aging Research Center at the Karolinska Institute.

According to previous studies, several factors can contribute to our risk of dementia. Some studies have pointed to a link between having no teeth and losing mental function more rapidly and being more likely to develop dementia.

The action of chewing makes more blood flow to the brain. People with few or no teeth will chew less resulting is less blood flow to the brain. The hypothesis is that if there is less blood flow to the brain, the risk of eventually having dementia rises.

A team of Swedish researchers set out to determine whether tooth loss and chewing ability might impact on cognitive function. They gathered and examined data on a nationally representative sample of 557 elderly people (aged 77 years or more).

They discovered that people who had a problem with chewing hard food, such as apples, had a considerably higher risk of developing dementia.

‘Whether elderly persons chew with natural teeth or prostheses may not contribute significantly to cognitive impairment as long as they have no chewing difficulty. The results add to the evidence of the association between chewing ability and cognitive impairment in elderly persons.’

With this in mind it must be the duty of dental surgeons to maintain teeth where ever possible. At the Mayhill Dental and Specialist Centre we have the skills to save teeth that other dentists might condemn.

We also have over 20 years experience in placing dental implants to replace teeth that have been extracted. We can restore function which might be even more important than previously thought!

For further information please call David Guppy on 01600 712020 or email us at