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Dear David,

I thought I would write to say how successful I felt yesterday was. I was rather nervous having had three previous procedures on this tooth elsewhere, none of which had successfully cleaned the root canals out, and all of which had been painful. I am amazed that the operation was totally painless, relatively fast and it was impressive to see how efficiently you both worked, whilst also keeping me in the picture. Afterwards when the anaesthetic wore off, I was again surprised how little lingering pain there was.It was therefore a huge success. Hopefully it won’t recur, and if anything else develops, rest assured I’ll know where to go.

Many thanks again
– Neil [ June 2014 ]

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Just to say that I was very impressed with Mrs Tait when I came yesterday. She was not only gentle and kind but was very helpful re my brushing technique. The electric machine was not working after a short time, and she did most of the treatment by hand, and I have to say my teeth feel very good, in some ways better than when I had the electric machine.

She recommended also a brush for me, which is on offer at the moment, which was very helpful. Thank you once again for all you help and attention. I actually enjoying coming now, which is something I thought I would NEVER say.

Best wishes to you all.
– Alison [ May 2014 ]

Testimonial 15 read more

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after me so well at the Mayhill and giving me “new Teeth”. I cant tell you what a novelty it is to eat on both sides of my mouth! And a special thanks to David Guppy for curing my fear of dentists!

With gratitude
– Kirstin Knight [ March 2014 ]

National Smile Month read more

It always makes me laugh or smile! A month dedicated to the promotion of dental health. Of course the Mayhill is right behind this campaign but we like to think we are there for the other eleven months as well.

Fundamentally this campaign promotes the value of dental health in terms of hygiene, dietary control and long term maintenance. It also extols the virtues of a pleasant and attractive smile. This year we are sponsoring Smile Month via Sunshine Radio. We are giving away two free teeth whitening treatments for the best smile. All you have to do is take a smiley selfie with your smartphone and upload it to the Sunshine Radio Facebook.

Smile wellness involves a number of factors:


Yet another thing that deteriorates as we get older. Our teeth become darker at the neck, but grey at the tips as they wear. Dietary factors like tea, coffee and red wine also play a part. Realistic and lasting improvements can be made with teeth whitening procedures. Enlighten is our favoured system.


Crowding, spacing and over prominence should be corrected in childhood. For various reasons this does not always happen and unfortunately poor tooth position also gets worse throughout life. Early treatment by an orthodontist is advised however, this problem can be treated as an adult.


The Romans and Greeks, who knew a thing or two about architecture and design used a ratio called Golden Proportion to describe the beauty they saw in nature. They used the same ratio in many of their buildings and monuments. The same phenomena is often used when re-designing a smile.

Correction of all or one of these factors requires correct diagnosis and planning and usually involves the expertise of a number of our team members. We work together to get outstanding results. Please call us on 01600 712020 for further advice or visit our new website on the Mayhill  for further information.

Kind regards,
Helen Guppy