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Are You Ever Too Old for Dental Implants? read more

As the population is now living longer and hopefully healthier lives, we need to think about how we can maintain our teeth for longer. Unfortunately we loose teeth over time due to wear, decay or gum disease and can end up with partial or full dentures. Dentures can become loose due to bone loss and eating can become difficult.

Dental Implants can dramatically improve the quality of life of patients , particularly the elderly enabling them to eat better, stay social and lead active lifestyles.

We have successfully placed implants into many patients who are in their ninth or even tenth decades. Realistically these individuals may be coming to the end of their lives and may question whether it is worth it. In fact this group of people gain the most as nourishment and nutrition is vital to both of them.

Dental Implants versus Dentures?

Dental Implants are now the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Conventional dentures can cause damage to their jaw bone and compromise patient’s chewing function. Dental Implants allow patients to eat any food comfortably and effectively support the overlying teeth and prevent them from moving or dislodging. They also help preserve the jaw bone and prevent bone loss that can occur from conventional dentures.

What are the Treatment Options?

Two to Four implants can be used to support a removable denture. This provides stability for the denture and improves function and comfort. The other option would include a fixed prosthesis on four or six implants. This is also known as a hybrid and resembles natural teeth as it does not have coverage over the palate.

Are Dental Implants Affordable ?

Price is a perception of value. Dental implants can transform people’s lives giving them confidence to socialise, talk and eat with comfort. The benefits are felt every hour of the day. The tried and tested implant systems do occasion high costs. The less expensive alternatives come and go and this can be a problem for long term maintenance. This year we are celebrating a twenty year association with Nobel Biocare which is testament to the enduring quality of their products.

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