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Overcoming Dental Phobia; A Patients Journey read more

If the thought of going to the dentist causes your heart to race and your hands to sweat you are not alone. Although many will choose to make dental health one of their New Years resolutions, in reality many will give the dentist a miss due to dental anxiety.

I know we have in the past written about dental phobias but I thought it was worth revisiting the topic as it is such a common theme with many patients who come to visit for the first time . The following account of a patient’s personal journey with us here at the Mayhill Dental Centre is very heart felt and thought it worth publishing in the hope that it will help other people overcome their anxiety.

“My husband Peter attended the Mayhill & was treated by Jason. His previous dental experiences had not been satisfactory for a variety of reasons. Jason sorted all the dental problems & since then Peter has had no mouth difficulties at all. For this reason he tried to persuade me to see Jason, who at that point had no idea that I had suffered trauma as a teenager & was terrified of attending the dentist. It took numerous visits to even get inside the Mayhill, from putting my hand on the door handle to walking away. I eventually entered Jason’s surgery with Peter, but had great difficulty even speaking to anyone & ending up in floods of tears, even though I was having no treatment. Jason & his staff were patience personified. He spoke gently, took time, explained & had infinite patience & understanding with me. He did what I consider extensive treatment from crowns to dentures for missing teeth, took numerous measurements of my mouth, photographs, etc with the result being a perfect fit of everything. He did in fact give me back a smile that I don’t remember having since a teenager. Jason changed my life for the better, not only with the dental result but in taking away my fear without the need for medication, but just in his manner & gentleness. How can you ever thank a person for making such a difference to your life. However I do so in saying Thank You Jason so very much.”

B Johns 17/10/2017

So do remember if you have a fear of the dentist you are not alone! Please feel free to call the Mayhill on 01600 712020 for further advice or help.

Testimonial 21 read more

I wanted to take the opportunity to write and thank you for your heroic efforts yesterday. 90 minutes working on a patient is taxing for all concerned (and I was just lying there).
I really appreciated the kindness and professionalism of your staff – it makes such a difference when the nursing staff are not the usual faceless parade of anonymous agency personnel, and your team on the front desk are kind and courteous. The level of equipment in The Mayhill is second-to-none and I appreciated the skill you used in my treatment. I was further impressed that I had no pain or swelling even after such a long treatment and have returned to my normal work pattern today.
Thank you again for your kind and professional treatment yesterday, it’s much appreciated.

– J Care [ December 2017 ]