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How Digital Dentistry Can Improve the Patient Experience read more

Technology has had a huge impact on our daily lives in recent years. What does an all- digital practice mean and how does it impact on your dental care?

What is Digital Dentistry?

A digital dental practice that incorporates computer aided design and manufacture.This could include digital x-rays, digital impressions, smile design software and computer guided surgical techniques like guided dental implant placement. It also includes digital patient records and storage.

The Benefits

  • Precise Treatment Planning

    Digital smile design lets us show patients what their new smile will look like after cosmetic, orthodontic or restorative cases. This takes the guess work out of treatment planning and can also reduce the amount of visits to the practice especially in terms of orthodontic treatment.

  • Early Intervention

    Digital x-rays allows us to detect cavities, cysts and other oral health concerns in the early stages which means patients are less likely to experience advanced dental damage that requires in depth treatments. Three dimensional radiographs are now gold standard in diagnostic terms.

  • Saves Time

    Digital files are immediately available for dental labs, specialists and other health providers. There is no longer a need to mail x-rays or bite impressions. Digital files also make each treatment visit much shorter and can reduce the amount of appointments required. Digital x-rays are instantly available to view at chairside. Digital impressions can be captured by a handheld wand so there is no time wasting and no gagging issue. Traditional impression moulds are subject to slight changes that can occur during handling. This might lead to slight adjustments being made to bridges, crowns and veneers. Dental putty can be messy and uncomfortable.

    Digital impressions deliver prosthetics with improved precision, reducing the margin of error. With direct access to the digital impression on the computer screen, the patient will get a much clearer picture of their own care.

    Scanned impressions can also be easily stored and if a crown is lost or damaged a replacement can be made without the need for a new impression.

  • Maintain Patient Records

    With a digital record keeping system, a dentist can quickly reference past treatments, pull up x-rays to compare current issues and update information as necessary. There are no large paper files to store and sort through and no lost paperwork. Your information is completely secure and private.

    You will be pleased to know that here at the Mayhill we have already invested in digital technology and are about to complete this with digital scanners to become a fully digital practice. If you would like to know more about how digital dentistry can improve your experience at the dentist please feel free to call the Mayhill Dental Centre on 01600 712020 or email

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