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Cosmetic Dentistry is increasing in popularity and a recent survey carried out by RealSelf found that 40% of British people want to improve their teeth with whitening, veneers or Invisalign. There are still many myths out there about tooth whitening so the following tips will help you separate fact from fiction.

  1. There are many factors that can affect the whiteness of your teeth. What we eat and drink such as tea, coffee and red wine can stain your teeth over time, as can smoking.
  2. Plaque needs to be removed regularly with brushing and flossing, otherwise it hardens into calculus which can affect the colour of your teeth.
  3. Professional bleaching is the safest form of tooth whitening and willlighten your natural shade. The active ingredient in the product is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. As the active ingredient breaks down, oxygen gets into the enamel of the teeth and the tooth colour lightens.
  4. In the UK and EU, tooth whitening can only be legally performed by a dentist or hygienist under prescription. Getting your teeth whitened at a beauticians is unregulated and an illegal practice. It could expose you to dangerous products and cause lasting damage to your teeth and gums.
  5. In the UK, tooth whitening products sold over the counter can only legally include 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This concentration is too low to have any noticeable effect on the colour of your teeth. Dentists can treat you with 6% hydrogen peroxide which is why tooth whitening by a dentist or hygienist will give you the best results.
  6. Tooth whitening can only lighten your existing tooth colour and won’t be able to get rid of deep stains. Crowns, veneers and white fillings will be unaffected.
  7. You can maintain white teeth by cutting down on the amount of food and drinks that stain your teeth. Stopping smoking can also prevent discoloration and staining.

Here at the Mayhill we offer a number of tooth whitening options including Enlighten, Philips Zoom and Home Whitening.

For further advice or information please feel free to call the Mayhill on 01600 712020 or email

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I came to see Dr Guppy today for a root canal filling. I would like to thank Dr Guppy and his team for the kind and professional treatment I received. I was quite apprehensive to have this procedure but was put totally at ease. Please can you pass my sincere thanks onto Dr Guppy, he did a fantastic job. Thank you 😊
– Lorraine Revell [ April 2019 ]