Testimonials 8

I have battled gum disease for a number of years despite regular dental check- ups and hygienist appointments all my adult life. Several visits to the Dental Hospital in Cardiff  between 2004 and 2007 achieved very limited results and the care and advice from the hospital fell short of expectation. In 2008/2009, I started to suffer with facial pain which was caused by teeth loosening due to bone loss and the masseter muscle going in to spasm. This resulted in two teeth having to be extracted. I had to have three more extracted two years later because they had become loose and I was getting regular infections. No amount of cleaning either by me or my dentist/hygienist could halt the progressive decline. It also became clear to me during the early part of 2012 that I required specialist dental advice. This was only available through a specialist dentist and I went to see Dr. Guppy . His advice was clear and straight to the point. The teeth could not be saved and I needed to have implants in my upper jaw as soon as possible whilst I still had sufficient bone to support them. It was also evident that Dr. Guppy had many years’ experience in this type of surgery which was very reassuring. 

The treatment was undertaken in three phases: eight teeth extracted and four implants inserted in one appointment, followed by two further implants seven weeks later and then the fixed bridgework and the three remaining teeth extracted about two months after that. The surgical process was painless with no post- operative discomfort and support was on hand at all times if needed. The outcome has been just as I had been promised and I have received many compliments from friends and family. It’s just great being able to smile and laugh again and to eat foods which loose teeth and pain had forced me to give up.

I am now looking forward to having the lower jaw done in the not too distant future and this will certainly be at The Mayhill.
– Sylvia Curphey [ June 2013 ]

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