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To David and all the Team at the Mayhill Just to say thank you for the excellent, caring treatment I have received over the past few months from yourself and your superb team. The results were far better than I could have wished for.

The Mayhill truly is a centre of excellence in dentistry. Thank you all once again.

Yours sincerely
– Ray Shepard [ September 2014 ]

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Like many medical terms orthodontics is derived from the Greek word “to straighten teeth”. The main reason to carry out this treatment is to provide a dentition that is healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Problems with crooked and out-of-place teeth are quite common in the UK. A recent study carried out in England and Wales found that around a third of 12 year olds would benefit from some degree of orthodontic treatment.

Around 80% of orthodontic treatment in the UK is carried out on children or young adults. Frequently this can cause disruption during important school years. The exam timetable will not change but the correct timing and scheduling of treatment is also crucial. We would advise early consultation, diagnosis and planning as the best way to offset potential problems with the school timetable.

Participation in sport and music, particularly wind instruments can also affect the way orthodontic treatment is managed. Our young patients often require gum shields and guards to protect their teeth at this vulnerable time.

Dr Justin Evans, our specialist orthodontist not only provides treatment of outstanding quality but is highly adept at managing these “busy” young people in a sympathetic and understanding manner. We treat our patient’s at the most opportune moment for them and will not keep them on unnecessary waiting lists.

Private orthodontics allows a wider choice of treatment options which includes tooth coloured brackets, “invisible braces” or lingual which are fixed behind the teeth. Treatment can commence at a time of your choice and there is greater flexibility with appointment times. No referral is needed for both children or adults, and as specialists we can let you know what type of brace would best suit your particular problem.

The cost of private orthodontics will vary according to the type of appliance used and the complexity of treatment. We are also able to offer flexible payment options including spreading the cost of treatment over the length of treatment which makes it more affordable for patients.

Please feel free to contact the practice for further information on the treatment options available . More details can also be found on our website at or tel 01600 712020.

Private Orthodontic CarePrivate Orthodontic Care

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Dear Mr. Guppy,

Thank you very much for looking after me so well. All is good with my implants and I feel like a ‘new woman’! My treatment throughout with you was so easy and relatively painless, so thank you for that.

I look forward to seeing you again in a few months.
– Gwen Brewerton [ February 2014 ]

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Dear David,

I thought I would write to say how successful I felt yesterday was. I was rather nervous having had three previous procedures on this tooth elsewhere, none of which had successfully cleaned the root canals out, and all of which had been painful. I am amazed that the operation was totally painless, relatively fast and it was impressive to see how efficiently you both worked, whilst also keeping me in the picture. Afterwards when the anaesthetic wore off, I was again surprised how little lingering pain there was.It was therefore a huge success. Hopefully it won’t recur, and if anything else develops, rest assured I’ll know where to go.

Many thanks again
– Neil [ June 2014 ]

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Just to say that I was very impressed with Mrs Tait when I came yesterday. She was not only gentle and kind but was very helpful re my brushing technique. The electric machine was not working after a short time, and she did most of the treatment by hand, and I have to say my teeth feel very good, in some ways better than when I had the electric machine.

She recommended also a brush for me, which is on offer at the moment, which was very helpful. Thank you once again for all you help and attention. I actually enjoying coming now, which is something I thought I would NEVER say.

Best wishes to you all.
– Alison [ May 2014 ]

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after me so well at the Mayhill and giving me “new Teeth”. I cant tell you what a novelty it is to eat on both sides of my mouth! And a special thanks to David Guppy for curing my fear of dentists!

With gratitude
– Kirstin Knight [ March 2014 ]

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Thank you for all your help with my teeth and braces. It will definitely make a huge impact.
– Rhian Chapman [ December 2013 ]

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Thank you so much for your warm welcome and ‘confidence giving appointment’ with you on Friday. I can honestly say that I came away feeling a different person. It is almost 30 years since I felt so at ease with a dental appointment – I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness and care when I was feeling so anxious about coming.

I have already recommended you to several people and my husband is also wanting to join your practice. He is sorting out some days and I will be in touch shortly with some suggested dates.

We often have people asking for recommendations as they come along to the [doctors] surgery where I work in pain with their mouth and needing help and I will not hesitate in trying to get you as many new patients as possible.

I wish you well in your new venture in Monmouth. Thank you once again for your time and attention and will be in again shortly for my next appointment.
– Alison Jones [ April 2013 ]

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I have battled gum disease for a number of years despite regular dental check- ups and hygienist appointments all my adult life. Several visits to the Dental Hospital in Cardiff  between 2004 and 2007 achieved very limited results and the care and advice from the hospital fell short of expectation. In 2008/2009, I started to suffer with facial pain which was caused by teeth loosening due to bone loss and the masseter muscle going in to spasm. This resulted in two teeth having to be extracted. I had to have three more extracted two years later because they had become loose and I was getting regular infections. No amount of cleaning either by me or my dentist/hygienist could halt the progressive decline. It also became clear to me during the early part of 2012 that I required specialist dental advice. This was only available through a specialist dentist and I went to see Dr. Guppy . His advice was clear and straight to the point. The teeth could not be saved and I needed to have implants in my upper jaw as soon as possible whilst I still had sufficient bone to support them. It was also evident that Dr. Guppy had many years’ experience in this type of surgery which was very reassuring. 

The treatment was undertaken in three phases: eight teeth extracted and four implants inserted in one appointment, followed by two further implants seven weeks later and then the fixed bridgework and the three remaining teeth extracted about two months after that. The surgical process was painless with no post- operative discomfort and support was on hand at all times if needed. The outcome has been just as I had been promised and I have received many compliments from friends and family. It’s just great being able to smile and laugh again and to eat foods which loose teeth and pain had forced me to give up.

I am now looking forward to having the lower jaw done in the not too distant future and this will certainly be at The Mayhill.
– Sylvia Curphey [ June 2013 ]

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I visited the Mayhill in June to discuss possible implants and new crowns, replacing my 25+ year old mismatched ones. After consultation with David Guppy, we agreed I would have bridgework fitted to both sides on the lower jaw with all of the upper crowns replaced and my other top teeth crowned. To say I was a little uneasy about such a large amount of work is true but I can quite honestly say it was the best dental experience possible. Everyone makes the whole experience relaxed and not the slightest bit stressful, even with three hours spent in the chair!! I now have a fabulous new smile- I hadn’t realised quite how much difference it would make but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I cannot not recommend the Mayhill team highly enough. – Wendy Baker [ October 2013 ]