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Smiling was not something I liked doing for many years due to the fact that I disliked my teeth so much. I had a number of crowns that I felt had deteriorated from an aesthetic point of view and also an infection above the central incisors.

I was referred to David Guppy who examined my teeth and gave me my options. I was getting married in a few months and was anxious to have nice photos for my wedding. On every occasion Mr Guppy was very reassuring and ensured that I understood the process clearly. On completion of treatment, the infection had cleared and my crowns replaced with new ones. This treatment has without doubt changed my life.

I am now able to smile and be proud to show my teeth. Needless to say my wedding day was most definitely the happiest day of my life and I did not stop smiling! Thank you so much for making this happen.
– Kelly Gauvain [ July 2012 ]

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Thank you for your excellent treatment and consideration you showed me knowing my fear of the dentist’s chair. I can honestly say future visits to the dentist will not fill me with dread, thanks to your brilliant dentistry and pain free sessions.
– Patrick Page [ September 2012 ]

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David’s calm and professional manner has given me the confidence to get back into the dentist chair after many years of avoidance and neglect. He has eased my fears and I now have regular check ups/treatments to ensure I finally have a smile to be proud of. I have new teeth that certainly look 100% better than before.
– Karen Rollings [ November 2013 ]

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Prior to Dr Guppy my previous dentist had advised the only solution to a long term nagging problem was several extractions and a permanent plate.  David delivered an alternative bridge solution which involved fewer extractions and no plate with which I am delighted and it looks better than the original teeth.  The approach in the surgery was thoroughly professional with every aspect of the multi-stage work explained in detail and just as importantly the whole experience was pain free. I would have no hesitation in recommending his practice.
– Dale Hart [ September 2013 ]

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I just wanted to thank you for the excellent dental work you have done for me, my tooth is now pain free. I very much value your expertise and I have been very impressed by the faultless professional service I have received at the surgery.
– Helen Vint [ June 2012 ]