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New Faces at the Mayhill… read more

Recruitment in health care and related services is notoriously difficult. Identifying individuals with the right skill set who are also sympathetic to the needs and sensibilities of others is very difficult. Letters after your name are no guarantee of high clinical standards. I have colleagues who are so busy collecting qualifications that their actual patient contact becomes minimal.

Recruitment can of course be outsourced to an agency and this can work brilliantly in many sectors but in healthcare this can be hit and miss. Often the best clinicians will be contractually tied up or own their practices.

We have been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time on more than occasion when making appointments. At least that is what I thought. Then it began to dawn on me that our reputation was the best means of attracting brilliant staff.

Our specialist orthodontist Justin Evans was recommended to us by a colleague and has proved to be a perfect fit for us. Justin inspires trust and confidence which is so important when making decisions for young people. Achieving excellence is his default position. He works without the constraints of waiting lists or case restriction imposed by the NHS.

We have made two new appointments within the practice, both of whom approached us which bearing in mind the calibre of the individuals is a huge compliment to us.

Jason Hart has joined us purely as a cosmetic dentist. He is an accredited member of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dental Practitioners and has an international reputation. Jason has an amazing portfolio of cases and has a unique method of presentation for new patients who will see their anticipated outcome digitally prior to accepting any treatment. The level of clinical skill required to achieve these kind of results is rarely encountered.

Facial aesthetics and dermal care can only be entrusted to experienced and responsible practitioners. Karen Lockett has over 15 years of experience specialising in the aesthetic industry and is an award winning specialist in injectable treatments.. The environment and setting in which these products are delivered is very important as practitioners are unregulated. Quite simply we would not entrust our patients to anyone else.

We are thrilled that Justin, Jason and Karen are part of our expanding team. If you would like advice on any dental issue please feel free to call 01600 712020 or email

Another Year On at The Mayhill…. read more

As the New Year begins we celebrate our second anniversary and we can reflect on a really eventful two years where our practice has grown and our range of services has increased. Our dentists, nurses, therapists and receptionists have gelled to become a formidable team delivering consistent high standards to our patients.

Most importantly I hope our patients feel part of our practice. We value their support and are committed to building long term relationships which requires us to be really attentive to feedback.
We really enjoyed meeting prospective patients at a number of open days throughout the year. The last one on implant therapy was oversubscribed so we have set another date early in the New Year.

Please contact us if you wish to book a place.

Our practice is pro- active in helping patients achieve solutions to their dental needs in terms of function and cosmetics. However, prevention and maintenance are essential to everything we do.
Catherine Tait our therapist is dedicated to working with patients to achieve dental health. Most importantly she is gentle and sympathetic.

Catherine is also accredited to use the Enlighten Tooth Whitening System.

Facial Aesthetics often complement a beautiful smile. We are delighted to be joined by one of the UK’s most experienced practitioners. Karen Lockett has been working with injectable fillers and botox for over 15 years. She is now available for consultation at the Mayhill.

Justin Evans our specialist orthodontist has now been with us for over seven months and we are now seeing the results of treatment. It is fair say outcomes have been exceptional. It is really satisfying to see how the confidence of a patient grows as the development of a beautiful smile progresses.

We offer a range of orthodontic treatment to suit children and adults. There are no waiting lists and no restriction on scheduling appointments.

The benefits of healthy straight teeth are life-long.

I work very closely with Andy Mathews enabling us to share our skills across a wide range of dental treatment. Andy and I have worked together for many years training literally hundreds of young dentists. Teaching keeps us both up to date and in touch with new innovation.

If you want a truly bespoke patient experience then I invite you to become part of our practice. Please feel free to call the Practice on 01600 712020 or email at for any advice or further information on the services we provide.

Dental Implant Evening read more

Come along to find out how dental implants can be your long term solution to replacing loose dentures and missing teeth.There will be a presentation followed by a Q&A session. Reserve your place as numbers will be limited.
The Mayhill dental implant evening

Why you are better off choosing a specialist Orthodontist! read more

If you suffer from crowded teeth or an improper bite, the problem can be corrected with orthodontics. However, when you have made that all important decision to do something about your imperfect teeth who should you trust with your treatment, a dentist or specialist orthodontist?

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that takes account of the development of the face, teeth and jaws to attain the best function and aesthetics. This is often achieved through the use of orthodontic appliances such as fixed braces or clear aligners. Treatment time can be as little as 6 months or over an extended period in more complex cases. In most cases treatment is discrete and unobtrusive.

An orthodontist is a qualified specialist who had first trained as a dentist and then undergone a further three year full time training. This extensive training is probably the most important reason why you should choose one for your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists have the ability to recognise many characteristics of dentofacial deformities and bad bites. As orthodontic treatment has the ability to change the position of teeth and the profile of your face permanently, it is best to trust someone that specialises in this field.

There has been a recent boom in general dentists providing orthodontic treatment. This kind of treatment is known as short term cosmetic orthodontics. This generally focuses on the front teeth and does not concern itself with how the upper and lower arches come together. The results can be impressive but rapid relapse is also possible unless accurate retainers are employed. Of course, success rates will depend on the training, experience and talent of the dentist providing the treatment.

Choosing a specialist orthodontist gives you the added advantage of a high level of experience as well as peace of mind throughout the course of treatment and beyond. Cost is kept down as treatment planning is not farmed out to a third party as is the case with many of the highly publicised systems.

At The Mayhill, specialist orthodontist Justin Evans has over 20 years’ experience in this field. He offers a range of expertise that is hard to match.

Please feel free to call us on 01600 712020 for further advice or consultation or visit our website on

Dental Implants- Home and Abroad read more

We have exalted the benefits of dental implants many times in these pages. The benefits to patients’ who have lost teeth or struggle with dentures cannot be underestimated. Cost is often the only barrier to treatment and quite understandably patients weigh this up against other disbursements that life throws at them.

The internet has alerted many patients’ to the possibility of dental tourism where implants are placed in Eastern Europe at a fraction of typical UK costs. Even in London’s Harley Street implants are often at bargain bucket prices!

In recent months we have had to deal with a number of cases where implants provided abroad have failed. In these patients’ the treatment planning was very poor and the quality of laboratory work left a lot to be desired. When things start to go wrong the free flight and hotel stays in Budapest dry up. The dentist who spoke perfect English when treatment is sold to patients’ can only speak Hungarian or Greek when they receive complaints. The long term success of dental implants relies on regular follow up appointments which can be another problem when taking treatment abroad.

Obviously we only see things when there are problems. Many patients are satisfied with their outcome. However, we would advise treading very carefully where implant costs are heavily discounted abroad or in the UK. We were recently offered copies of one of the major implant systems at a fraction of the cost of the genuine product. A tempting offer but one we refused very quickly. These copies have no scientific studies behind them and no proven history. The grade of titanium used is also lower. Like any other fake goods, they rarely live up to the expectations and we would never risk our patients’ care and longevity of their outcome with sub-standard implant components. We use Nobel Biocare or Astra implants which are the market leaders.

If you are considering investing in dental implants we would be happy to meet you at our implant open evening coming up on the 13th of November. You will need to register your interest as places will be limited. We will demonstrate how implants can help you and give examples of cases where patients have been helped by one of the most successful treatments in dentistry. Please call 01600 712020 or email for more details or to reserve your free attendance.

Teeth for Life read more

They say nothing lasts forever but with good dental care throughout our lives perhaps our teeth can. It is a long journey and there are few mile stones to consider, however, with the right strategy and advice the lifetime of our dentition can be extended.

Pregnancy can take a toll on mother`s teeth and gums. Prevention and maintenance are essential at this time. If mum has good dental health then the chances are that baby`s will follow suit.

Toddlers need to be on message right from the word go. Supervised brushing and avoidance of sweet sticky foodstuffs and drinks will prevent decay. Remember milk teeth are important and should be conserved and shed naturally paving the way for the adult dentition.

The teenage years are crucial and the teeth are at their most vulnerable. Straight teeth are usually healthy teeth and into the bargain look fantastic. Orthodontic treatment at this time is invaluable.

Student years; one simple message! Don`t undo all the good work! A big lifestyle change can result in rapid deterioration in dental health.

We know that dental health has a significant impact on general health particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Gum disease is probably the biggest enemy. For some reason there can be long gaps between attendances in middle age which allows this condition to go undiagnosed. The situation can usually be rescued by hygiene therapy.

As we get older our teeth can begin to look tired and worn. Fortunately these effects can be reversed and our smiles can be rejuvenated with non invasive cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic techniques have advanced enormously. Visit our website to see how we have helped some of our patients.

Life expectancy has increased and we expect our teeth to keep up in terms of function. This is not always possible and we meet a lot of elderly patients whose lives are blighted by poorly fitting dentures. Dental implants offer these patients hope and a new lease of life.

At the Mayhill we treat three generations of the same family. Their needs may be different but the level of expertise we provide is the same. Our team will always offer sound advice. Please feel free to call us on 01600 712020 or visit our website on for further information or advice.

Specialist Dentistry at the Mayhill read more

Is there a distinction between general dentistry and specialism?

I suppose a specialist will tend to focus on one particular element of dentistry whilst a generalist will tackle any number of different treatments within his or her comfort zone. Anything that is difficult gets sent to a referral practice or a hospital department.

Hospital referral will involve waiting lists, unscheduled appointments and inevitable communication problems between one or more departments. Confusion reigns! Orthodontic treatment is the classic example.

Multi specialist referral practices are rare outside major cities and may lack the team approach which is often required. Responsibility between the specialist and the referring dentist can be blurred. Some cases need the input of more than one specialist.

Oasis, Boots and the other corporates will have their own visiting specialists that dip in and dip out of the practice. The dentist will tend to refer in house and so is limited to whom he might refer and this might not be in the best interests of the patient.

The Mayhill is a general practice that is specialist lead and so we try to make no distinction between general dentistry and any other form of dentistry. We apply the same standards; use the same level of expertise and high tech equipment for all our patients. We work as a team borrowing each other’s skills to achieve great results that quite simply cannot be achieved by a sole practitioner.

We see many Denplan patients referred to us for a second opinion or specialist treatment who are disappointed to find that their plan does not cover them for this. Our membership scheme includes access to all our in house specialists for consultation and reduced rates for treatment. If you are on a plan check that these benefits are included and then look at the monthly cost!

Please call us on 01600 712020 for more information or visit our website on

National Smile Month read more

It always makes me laugh or smile! A month dedicated to the promotion of dental health. Of course the Mayhill is right behind this campaign but we like to think we are there for the other eleven months as well.

Fundamentally this campaign promotes the value of dental health in terms of hygiene, dietary control and long term maintenance. It also extols the virtues of a pleasant and attractive smile. This year we are sponsoring Smile Month via Sunshine Radio. We are giving away two free teeth whitening treatments for the best smile. All you have to do is take a smiley selfie with your smartphone and upload it to the Sunshine Radio Facebook.

Smile wellness involves a number of factors:


Yet another thing that deteriorates as we get older. Our teeth become darker at the neck, but grey at the tips as they wear. Dietary factors like tea, coffee and red wine also play a part. Realistic and lasting improvements can be made with teeth whitening procedures. Enlighten is our favoured system.


Crowding, spacing and over prominence should be corrected in childhood. For various reasons this does not always happen and unfortunately poor tooth position also gets worse throughout life. Early treatment by an orthodontist is advised however, this problem can be treated as an adult.


The Romans and Greeks, who knew a thing or two about architecture and design used a ratio called Golden Proportion to describe the beauty they saw in nature. They used the same ratio in many of their buildings and monuments. The same phenomena is often used when re-designing a smile.

Correction of all or one of these factors requires correct diagnosis and planning and usually involves the expertise of a number of our team members. We work together to get outstanding results. Please call us on 01600 712020 for further advice or visit our new website on the Mayhill  for further information.

Kind regards,
Helen Guppy

You are invited to a Free Open Day read more

Meet our friendly team, take a look around our brand new practice and have an informal chat about any dental issues you may have. Practice schedule for the day is Saturday 17th May 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.

The Changing Face of Dentistry read more

Monnow Street like other high streets in towns and villages all over the country has changed beyond recognition over the last fifty years. Individual shops , service providers and retailers have been replaced by corporate chains. We are fortunate in Monmouth that specialist shops still thrive. To survive these businesses have to go the extra mile and provide brilliant customer care.

Similar changes have occurred in dentistry and we are entering an era when individual practitioners are being swallowed up by corporates like Oasis or Integrated Dental Holdings. Boots the high street chemist are having another shot at dentistry probably encouraged by the supermarket giants Asda and Sainsbury’s who are entering the dental market.

What will this mean for the customer otherwise known as the patient. Access and convenience are important and 24/7 dentistry will appeal to a lot of busy people. Undoubtedly the surgery spec will be high which is important as dentistry has benefitted enormously from CAD/CAM and new innovation.

There is one thing that I am pretty sure that the corporates will never be able to deliver. It’s the one thing that as a consumer I value the most; consistency. When I receive great service or treatment I love to pass on recommendation to friends or colleagues. When they in turn have a similar experience then I feel part of a successful business. On the other hand it is so disappointing when standards drop.

In dentistry consistency is so difficult to achieve and requires every member of the team to be in tune with the core values of the practice. For each and every patient their journey through our practice must be positive. The little things count for a lot ; a friendly greeting, familiar faces, gentle sympathetic treatment combined with focus and commitment to excellent clinical standards.

Our Mayhill open days are an opportunity for us to meet prospective patients on an informal basis. In the past we felt this has enabled us to help patients break down barriers to treatment which has ultimately benefited them enormously. We are delighted that some of these patients helped us make a video which captures exactly our core values. View it on our website on . For further information on our open day please contact our team on 01600 712020 or email