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The answer is not simple. Our smiles like our eyes are a window to our personalities and reflect our mood and emotions. I often see faces light up with an engaging and open smile only to be swiftly hidden away with self consciousness and embarrassment caused by dark, stained or uneven teeth. Paradoxically if we think of people with beautiful smiles they rarely have perfect teeth.

We are often approached by patients who request smile makeovers or redesign. Our first action is to make sure that their dentitions are fundamentally healthy prior to any aesthetic considerations. The colour shape and contour of the pink stuff (gums) is just as important as the white stuff (teeth). Healthy smiles need healthy gums.

The next step for us is to gauge the patient`s disposition and expectations. There may be an obvious problem that requires simple non invasive treatment. In other cases a good deal of discussion between patient and clinician is required perhaps in a non clinical environment. We have an extensive library of cases we have previously treated and even animation of the procedure itself. In complex cases we will take study models on which we rehearse the intended treatment.

Patients are given written treatment plans usually with a number of options. We usually have a secondary consultation to enable us to address any concerns or questions the patient may have.

Broadly speaking there are three areas where aesthetic concerns arise.

Colour: As our teeth age, become progressively darker. Many foods and drinks will cause further staining. Bleaching techniques can safely and reliably reverse this. Our preferred product is Enlighten which guarantees results and is a very gentle process.

Enlighten at The Mayhill Monmouth Before 1Enlighten at The Mayhill Monmouth After 1

Before and after bleaching with Enlighten

Crowding: Many adults perhaps did not have the opportunity or the inclination to have orthodontic treatment in their youth. Although they may regret this they may be unwilling to consider prolonged treatment to straighten them. Cfast™ is a great solution which focuses only on the front teeth with a six month completion time.

Cfast at The Mayhill Monmouth Before 1Cfast at The Mayhill Monmouth After 1

Before and after Cfast™ othodontics

Crowns and veneers: These are used to treat aesthetic concerns but often become the biggest problem. Poorly fitting with black margins these restorations can give a very disappointing outcome. I am often amazed at what patients will accept. A new generation of ceramic crowns offer resilient and beautiful results.

Emax at The Mayhill Monmouth beforeEmax at The Mayhill Monmouth after

Replacement of poorly fitting crowns with E-max ceramics

These cases have been completed in the last six months at the Mayhill Dental and Specialist Centre by David Guppy and Cameron Currie. If you would like further information or advice please call us on 01600 712020 or visit our website on

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