Dental emergencies

It is very important to us that our patients are looked after promptly in the event of a dental emergency. During the week we endeavour to see patients on the same working day or within 24 hours.

During weekends and over holiday periods a helpline is available to our patients where you can access advice from one of our practice team.

Please call 01600 712020 for the emergency contact numbers.

In circumstances where a dentist from our practice needs to attend a patient, the call-out is free to members of our membership plans.

The following are urgent situations which need prompt attention:

1) Significant swelling in the neck or face which affects breathing or sight.

2) Prolonged heavy bleeding following a dental procedure.

3) Severe pain which does not respond to conventional painkillers.

Frequently asked Questions

I have lost a crown…

This can be particularly upsetting at the front of the mouth in the smile line. However in most cases the crown can be re-cemented often on a permanent basis. Keep the crown clean and safe preferably in a sealed container.

I have fractured a tooth…

This can usually be repaired promptly. The tooth might be sensitive so avoid eating on it and taking hot or cold food. Over the counter painkillers can be useful. Essentially don’t panic as in most cases we can restore the tooth to its former appearance.

I have broken my denture…

Ring the practice early morning on week days and we can organise repair within 24 hours.

I have knocked a tooth out…

The tooth needs to be re-implanted as soon as possible. If the tooth is intact clean the surface with your own saliva and re-insert it into the socket. Make a splint to hold it in position with a milk bottle top. If you don’t feel confident to do this store the tooth in cold milk and contact the practice or your local accident and emergency department. Do not handle the tooth excessively.

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