Dental Implants Near Newport

If you live in the Newport area and are missing one or more teeth and would like to restore your ability to eat, speak and smile with comfort and confidence, then dental implants at the Mayhill may be right for you. Perhaps your dentures don’t fit comfortably or securely or you might have difficulty chewing. Confidence about your smile and teeth can affect how you feel about yourself both personally and professionally.

What are dental implants?
An implant is an artificial replacement for the root portion of a natural tooth, generally comprised of metal of which we use titanium. Titanium is well tolerated by bone and integrates into the bone tissue well. Dental Implants can be used to replace individual teeth or used as attachments to hold dentures and bridges. Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants. These can be placed in thin bone and used to retain dentures. Mini implants have the advantage of immediate placement in thin bone at a reduced cost, but are not strong enough for individual teeth.

Dental Implant cases

These cases listed below have all been completed by David Guppy. Please note that we do not exhibit any cases without the permission of the patient, nor do we use any animation or professional picture archives.

Single tooth implant to replace a failing post crown

dental implants newportDental Implants in newport

Implant retained crowns replacing discoloured central incisors

A newport dental implant mayhill case studynewport dental implant patient

Full mouth rehabilitation

We have been visited by many patients over the years who have incorrectly and unfairly believed that there
was no way of improving their smile. In some cases their dentist had given them no hope past wearing dentures.
I am pleased to explain this is not the case and a full rehabilitation of
these individuals smiles had been carried out, giving them back confidence, function and appearance.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants

newport dental implant caseDental implant case study in newport

Worn dentition restored with implants and crowns

Mayhill newport dental implant case dental implants in newport

Full mouth rehabilitation with implant retained bridgework

Before newport dental implant caseAfter - newport dental implants case
dental implants in newport areaPhoto of implant case near Newport

What are the right Treatment Options?

We use Titanium implants as they are the most suitable material to ensure the long term integrity of the implant(s). However there are a number of different dental implant options in the Newport arae, to discuss what options are right for you get in touch and book an initial consultation with Dr David Guppy by filling in the form on the right hand side or calling (01600) 712020

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