Pain Free Dentistry; Keeping Pace with Technology

Dentistry is truly entering a new age and it is hard to keep pace with innovation and technology. It is even harder to recognise the Sinclair C5s from the Apple Macs. Most importantly how can we make sure that these advances bring meaningful benefits to our patients. We have recently invested in two digital platforms that will revolutionise our practice.

One thing that I suspect will never change is the expectation that your dentist should do everything he or she can to minimise the discomfort associated with treatment. Anaesthetic injections can be administered almost painlessly in skilled and gentle hands. However the numb feeling can last for many hours after the patient has left the surgery which can make life difficult.

The Wand is a computer aided system delivering gentle but profound anaesthesia to the tooth but not to the lip, cheek and face. Our cosmetic dentist Jason Hart has used the Wand extensively completely removing the fear of the needle for hundreds of patients.

Jason uses digital smile simulation for all patients seeking cosmetic improvement to their teeth allowing the patient to see the goals of treatment prior to taking that first step. Many of the orthodontic cases he undertakes are planned using this technology increasing speed and accuracy. The gentleman below was highly satisfied with the outcome. The digital planning was a major factor in achieving this.

Cone beam computed tomography allows us to take 3D images of the teeth and jaws giving unparalleled diagnostic accuracy which far exceeds normal x rays which are in only two dimensions. This increases the margin of safety for patients undergoing all kinds of treatment including extractions, implant placement and root canal treatment. This is the dental version of hawk eye and is the gold standard when carrying out the procedures described above.

The same technology allows us to construct crowns, bridgework and orthodontic appliances via direct communication with dental laboratories all over the world. We currently work with labs in Toronto , Munich and of course Cardiff. This digital workflow allows us to work smarter and quicker.

We are determined that our patients are not left behind as dental technology moves forward.
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