Root canal therapy (Endodontics) at The Mayhill

David Guppy is regarded as one of the foremost endodontists in the United Kingdom. He has been a registered specialist since 1999 and has a wealth of experience in saving teeth.

When the nerve inside a tooth becomes inflamed or infected the resulting pain can be excruciating. Often teeth are extracted. In most cases this is totally unnecessary as root canal therapy carried out to a high standard will totally relieve the pain and preserve the function of the tooth.

We can save teeth that other dentists will only be too happy to extract. We work with many dentists who refer their patients to us to carry out this treatment. We use the very latest technology including an operating microscope to enable treatment of even the most complicated cases.


Heavily infected tooth with extensive bone loss


Complete healing following root canal therapy

An endodontist is a dentist who has received extensive training, enabling treatment which carries a very high success rate. If your dentist recommends extraction then consider self-referral in order to explore the possibility of saving the tooth.


Surgical endodontic treatment to extend the life of an extensive bridge.

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