Specialist Dentistry at the Mayhill

Is there a distinction between general dentistry and specialism?

I suppose a specialist will tend to focus on one particular element of dentistry whilst a generalist will tackle any number of different treatments within his or her comfort zone. Anything that is difficult gets sent to a referral practice or a hospital department.

Hospital referral will involve waiting lists, unscheduled appointments and inevitable communication problems between one or more departments. Confusion reigns! Orthodontic treatment is the classic example.

Multi specialist referral practices are rare outside major cities and may lack the team approach which is often required. Responsibility between the specialist and the referring dentist can be blurred. Some cases need the input of more than one specialist.

Oasis, Boots and the other corporates will have their own visiting specialists that dip in and dip out of the practice. The dentist will tend to refer in house and so is limited to whom he might refer and this might not be in the best interests of the patient.

The Mayhill is a general practice that is specialist lead and so we try to make no distinction between general dentistry and any other form of dentistry. We apply the same standards; use the same level of expertise and high tech equipment for all our patients. We work as a team borrowing each other’s skills to achieve great results that quite simply cannot be achieved by a sole practitioner.

We see many Denplan patients referred to us for a second opinion or specialist treatment who are disappointed to find that their plan does not cover them for this. Our membership scheme includes access to all our in house specialists for consultation and reduced rates for treatment. If you are on a plan check that these benefits are included and then look at the monthly cost!

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