Teeth for Life

They say nothing lasts forever but with good dental care throughout our lives perhaps our teeth can. It is a long journey and there are few mile stones to consider, however, with the right strategy and advice the lifetime of our dentition can be extended.

Pregnancy can take a toll on mother`s teeth and gums. Prevention and maintenance are essential at this time. If mum has good dental health then the chances are that baby`s will follow suit.

Toddlers need to be on message right from the word go. Supervised brushing and avoidance of sweet sticky foodstuffs and drinks will prevent decay. Remember milk teeth are important and should be conserved and shed naturally paving the way for the adult dentition.

The teenage years are crucial and the teeth are at their most vulnerable. Straight teeth are usually healthy teeth and into the bargain look fantastic. Orthodontic treatment at this time is invaluable.

Student years; one simple message! Don`t undo all the good work! A big lifestyle change can result in rapid deterioration in dental health.

We know that dental health has a significant impact on general health particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Gum disease is probably the biggest enemy. For some reason there can be long gaps between attendances in middle age which allows this condition to go undiagnosed. The situation can usually be rescued by hygiene therapy.

As we get older our teeth can begin to look tired and worn. Fortunately these effects can be reversed and our smiles can be rejuvenated with non invasive cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic techniques have advanced enormously. Visit our website to see how we have helped some of our patients.

Life expectancy has increased and we expect our teeth to keep up in terms of function. This is not always possible and we meet a lot of elderly patients whose lives are blighted by poorly fitting dentures. Dental implants offer these patients hope and a new lease of life.

At the Mayhill we treat three generations of the same family. Their needs may be different but the level of expertise we provide is the same. Our team will always offer sound advice. Please feel free to call us on 01600 712020 or visit our website on themayhill.co.uk for further information or advice.

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