The Changing Face of Dentistry

Monnow Street like other high streets in towns and villages all over the country has changed beyond recognition over the last fifty years. Individual shops , service providers and retailers have been replaced by corporate chains. We are fortunate in Monmouth that specialist shops still thrive. To survive these businesses have to go the extra mile and provide brilliant customer care.

Similar changes have occurred in dentistry and we are entering an era when individual practitioners are being swallowed up by corporates like Oasis or Integrated Dental Holdings. Boots the high street chemist are having another shot at dentistry probably encouraged by the supermarket giants Asda and Sainsbury’s who are entering the dental market.

What will this mean for the customer otherwise known as the patient. Access and convenience are important and 24/7 dentistry will appeal to a lot of busy people. Undoubtedly the surgery spec will be high which is important as dentistry has benefitted enormously from CAD/CAM and new innovation.

There is one thing that I am pretty sure that the corporates will never be able to deliver. It’s the one thing that as a consumer I value the most; consistency. When I receive great service or treatment I love to pass on recommendation to friends or colleagues. When they in turn have a similar experience then I feel part of a successful business. On the other hand it is so disappointing when standards drop.

In dentistry consistency is so difficult to achieve and requires every member of the team to be in tune with the core values of the practice. For each and every patient their journey through our practice must be positive. The little things count for a lot ; a friendly greeting, familiar faces, gentle sympathetic treatment combined with focus and commitment to excellent clinical standards.

Our Mayhill open days are an opportunity for us to meet prospective patients on an informal basis. In the past we felt this has enabled us to help patients break down barriers to treatment which has ultimately benefited them enormously. We are delighted that some of these patients helped us make a video which captures exactly our core values. View it on our website on . For further information on our open day please contact our team on 01600 712020 or email

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