The joy of dental implants

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to restore your ability to eat, speak and smile with comfort and confidence, then dental implants may be right for you. Perhaps your dentures don’t fit comfortably or securely or you might have difficulty chewing. Confidence about your smile and teeth can affect how you feel about yourself both personally and professionally.

What are dental implants?
An implant is an artificial replacement for the root portion of a natural tooth, made of titanium. This metal is well tolerated by bone and integrates into the bone tissue well. Dental Implants can be used to replace individual teeth or used as attachments to hold dentures and bridges. Mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants. These can be placed in thin bone and used to retain dentures. Mini implants have the advantage of immediate placement in thin bone at a reduced cost, but are not strong enough for individual teeth.

What are the barriers to treatment?
1. Cost
95% of Implants survive for at least 10 years. The initial costs which are not inconsiderable must be viewed in this context.

2. Fear
Implants are placed painlessly with very little post-operative discomfort. Intra-venous sedation is offered to patients who are particularly anxious.

‘It’s great being able to smile and laugh again and to eat foods which loose teeth and pain had forced me to give up.’

Implant treatment case study

Implant caseImplant case2

A few years ago I saw a lady who had battled with gum disease all her adult life. She suffered for several years with facial pain due to loose teeth. Sadly, her concerns had been ignored by her dentist. Eventually her teeth were extracted and replaced with dentures. She mistakenly believed all her problems were now solved. When I initially saw her she was very tearful as she described her past experiences. This same lady now has fixed teeth, can eat anything she wishes and is totally confident in her appearance. It has now been ten years since we first placed implants for her.

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