Tooth whitening-the facts!

The most common cause of dark or yellow teeth is smoking, red wine and tannic acid in tea and coffee. Teeth also darken naturally as we age. Surface staining can be removed by a hygienist but this is usually transient and in time the staining returns. The same is true of whitening tooth pastes which can be very expensive but have a negligible effect on the colour of teeth.

Tooth whitening or bleaching as prescribed by a dentist can remove the intrinsic nature of the discolouration and dramatically whiten your smile. The process is well tested and safe when provided by a dental professional.

Broadly speaking there are two techniques. In surgery whitening, which often involves a modified light or laser, has fallen out of favour. The use of trays and home bleaching is far more reliable but does take longer. The Enlighten system guarantees the B1 natural white shade. It achieves this with very low concentrations of the bleaching agent with little or no sensitivity. The trays are constructed to bleach the whole tooth. The fade back is very slow and foodstuffs or drinks seem to have very little or no effect.

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