Why you are better off choosing a specialist Orthodontist!

If you suffer from crowded teeth or an improper bite, the problem can be corrected with orthodontics. However, when you have made that all important decision to do something about your imperfect teeth who should you trust with your treatment, a dentist or specialist orthodontist?

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that takes account of the development of the face, teeth and jaws to attain the best function and aesthetics. This is often achieved through the use of orthodontic appliances such as fixed braces or clear aligners. Treatment time can be as little as 6 months or over an extended period in more complex cases. In most cases treatment is discrete and unobtrusive.

An orthodontist is a qualified specialist who had first trained as a dentist and then undergone a further three year full time training. This extensive training is probably the most important reason why you should choose one for your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists have the ability to recognise many characteristics of dentofacial deformities and bad bites. As orthodontic treatment has the ability to change the position of teeth and the profile of your face permanently, it is best to trust someone that specialises in this field.

There has been a recent boom in general dentists providing orthodontic treatment. This kind of treatment is known as short term cosmetic orthodontics. This generally focuses on the front teeth and does not concern itself with how the upper and lower arches come together. The results can be impressive but rapid relapse is also possible unless accurate retainers are employed. Of course, success rates will depend on the training, experience and talent of the dentist providing the treatment.

Choosing a specialist orthodontist gives you the added advantage of a high level of experience as well as peace of mind throughout the course of treatment and beyond. Cost is kept down as treatment planning is not farmed out to a third party as is the case with many of the highly publicised systems.

At The Mayhill, specialist orthodontist Justin Evans has over 20 years’ experience in this field. He offers a range of expertise that is hard to match.

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