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Welcome to the Mayhill Dental and Specialist Centre. Situated in the beautiful town of Monmouth, our state-of-the-art private dental practice offers a wide range of treatments from general dentistry to dental implants, facial aesthetics, orthodontist treatment and much more…

With just a short trip away to neighbouring Chepstow and Abergavenny, we also enjoy bringing first class dentistry to many areas of South Wales. We were recognised in 2016 for our outstanding general and cosmetic dentistry services by receiving the award for “best private and specialist practice in Wales”. A standard we will forever strive to maintain.

Our approach to dentistry offers assurance and expertise in all areas from a simple dental examination to full-mouth rehabilitation. Our promise to you is that we will offer total commitment to your individual needs as a patient. Our full range of treatments can be found on the navigation tab above.

Furthermore, if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask, we are more than happy to help. Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form. We promise to respond to you as quickly as possible.


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Client Testimonials

Being over 70 years old, the idea of wearing Invisalign braces for a long period was rather daunting; I was concerned they would be uncomfortable, difficult to put in and remove and it would be obvious I was wearing them. I was wrong on every point! Ben was understanding and encouraging from the start.. and he is a delightful person! Marian [January 2021]

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COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Reopening Policy

Our COVID-19 Reopening Policy

This policy outlines the changes to our normal protocols and procedures we will be employing from the 22nd March 2021.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is still on going and our policies are likely to change as new scientific evidence is forthcoming. The vaccination programme is offering considerable hope but due to the emergence of new variants we are still not able return to our pre-Covid19 protocols.

We would like to thank all of our patients for their patience and understanding during the past few months and for their cooperation whilst we implement new measures at the practice.

We will be providing dental care to all of our patients in the safest way possible.

Our Timetable

our timetable

Although our capacity and throughput of patients has reduced, we are now able to offer a full range of dental treatment and we would encourage all patients to resume their scheduled reviews and maintenance programs.

If you were in the midst of treatment that was interrupted by Covd-19 please contact us so we can review the situation and re-book appointments as required.

Patient Communication Before Reopening

We will request that all patients who are attending MUST update their standard medical history forms beforehand. These forms will now be sent via email to

Don’t worry if you struggle with this one of our reception team can help you.

We will also need to investigate your Covid 19 status immediately prior to your attendance. Please inform us if you are concerned that you might have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed to the virus.

Protocol to Reduce COVID-19 Risk

Our normal cross-infection control protocols at The Mayhill against all previously known pathogens are already stringent and apply to all clinical activity carried out at the practice.

We have evaluated all of the most recent guidance and measures that have been put in place in other countries. We are confident that the measures which are outlined in this policy will reduce risk to the minimum level at the practice.

Arriving at the practice

Arriving at the practice

The front door will remain locked. When you attend the practice, we will welcome you, and ask that you wear light clothing that you can keep on throughout. Please do not bring any personal belongings with you as we cannot accept liability for personal items.

We will check your temperature and if it is above 37.8°C, you will be unable to enter the practice. In these circumstances we would advise you to contact your medical practitioner.

The waiting room will be out of use for patients. Appointments will be staggered so that patients do not arrive or leave at the same time as other patients, as far as we are able to manage.

If you are well, we will direct you straight to the surgery and request that you do the following before your appointment:

  • Use the hand sanitiser in the reception area.
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Avoid using the restroom if at all possible.

Practice Procedures

Practice Procedures

OUR team has been looking at every aspect of our practice by removing all non-essential items that can potentially be a source of infection.

You will find that the practice may appear to be quite bare when you attend.

All clinical and common areas including door handles and surfaces will be regularly disinfected in addition to our normal surface cleaning protocols between patients.

We will be allowing extra time between patients to allow additional decontamination procedures, allow for any treatment overruns and allow preparation time for the next patient so that they do not need to wait in the reception area.

All future appointments will be made and confirmed by phone or email:

Dental Procedures

Practice Procedures

All dental staff will be using personal protective equipment in line with current recommendations and evidence.

We apologise in advance for the necessary reduction in social interaction that this will necessitate.

We are especially mindful that some dental treatments are aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs) and extra protection measures will be in place. An additional charge will also be made when this takes place.

And just in case you don’t recognise us! Happy days before Covid-19

Happy days before Covid-19


  • Dental practices are the safest primary health care settings in the UK.
  • Cross Infection control is at the heart of our practice. We believe when entering our practice you will be in a safe and controlled environment.
  • It is now more important than ever to receive treatment from highly skilled professionals who will deliver dentistry that is both durable and of the highest standards.
  • Our whole team has been trained and feel confident with all the new protocols that we have introduced to combat Covid-19.
  • We will be constantly reviewing policy in line with the scientific evidence that is rapidly emerging in relation to Covid-19.