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Dental hygiene

Our hygienist team at The Mayhill Dental and Specialist Centre have extensive experience in maintaining the oral health of patients throughout Monmouthshire and Gloucester and beyond. This can range from simple scaling and polish, to routine maintenance or more complex gum treatments.

We can help you design a bespoke oral hygiene plan to prevent recurring problems like staining, bad breath, gum disease, plaque build-up and more.

For patients undergoing dental implant treatment, our hygienists also help maintain your dental health from the beginning of implant treatment to the fitting of the final crowns and bridges.

Benefits of our hygienist care include:

  • Professional clean and tartar removal
    Plaque is a sticky bacterial coating that consistently forms on your teeth. If it is not brushed away properly, including difficult to reach areas like between the teeth, the plaque hardens to form tartar/calculus which cannot be removed so easily at home. Persistent plaque and calculus can lead to periodontal disease, causing bleeding gums, tooth mobility and eventually tooth loss.

    Your dental hygienist will perform an intensive clean on all accessible surfaces of the teeth to ensure any plaque and tartar build up is fully removed. If you have a lot of tooth decay, your hygienist may apply a fluoride gel to help protect the teeth from further attack.
  • Stain removal
    Drinking tea, coffee, red wine or fizzy drinks will gradually stain your teeth over time. Your hygienist will be able to clean these stains away using natural products like baking soda for a whiter smile. Our hygienists also use the innovative AirFlow system which uses air, sodium bicarbonate and water together to clean stains from your teeth.
  • Fresh breath
    A clean mouth means fresher breath!
  • Prevention of gum disease
    Early signs of gum disease include bleeding gums when brushing. Your hygienist will test for this and if they spot symptoms. With regular appointments, they will be able to help deal with this before the disease has the chance to progress. They may use anti bacteria gel and solutions to apply under the gum line to kill any bacteria causing gum disease. It is important to pay attention to these symptoms as if left untreated, gum disease can lead to the movement or even the loss of teeth.
  • Oral hygiene plan
    We will work with your individual needs to create a tailor made plan for optimum maintenance of your oral hygiene. This includes recommending the right products, different types of brushes and showing you the most effective ways to use them.
  • Dietary advice and smoking cessation
    The food we eat can affect our teeth, this could be through staining or acid erosion. If your diet has had a detrimental effect on your teeth, our hygienists can advise on changing your eating habits to prevent further harm. Smoking is also a big factor in causing periodontal disease, bone loss, oral cancer, reducing healing after dental work and staining of teeth. Your dental hygienist can also offer smoking cessation advise if required.
We recommend all The Mayhill Dental and Specialist Centre patients have
regular hygiene treatments at least once to twice a year
alongside your routine dental health reviews

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The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to The Mayhill Dental and Specialist Centre. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

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Patient reviews

39 Reviews


Sammy-Jo Costi

I have just returned from my first appointment at Mayhill; my first appointment in over 10 years. Having a complicated dental history and quite a few issues, along with my natural fear of the dentist and the fear of the cost of private care, I was extremely apprehensive. After my first appointment, I needn't have been. From the incredibly welcoming reception staff to Jason and the dental nurse, I was made to feel so comfortable at every stage, Jason was so encouraging and recognised how difficult the appointment was for me. Though there was lots to consider I was never made to feel a nuisance (which has been the case previously), answered all of my questions, and explained what they were doing and why. He was so thorough, which I really appreciated. The next steps were made really clear for me as well. I do not have a huge amount of money, and I've always been wary of private care, but for the high quality of appointments and service I know I've made the right choice.


Merry Paxton

I was tremendously impressed with The Mayhill Dental Centre!! We were on vacation from the US & had a dental emergency (I was concerned that our vacation would be deeply hampered!) ; I was kindly taken in very quickly, had my tooth repaired & on our way shortly!! I was treated well from the moment we walked in the door! I HIGHLY recommend this place!!


Linda Richardson

Amazing, completely restored my faith in the dental profession, I was recommended to go here and would certainly recommend them to anyone else



Fixed a broken tooth at short notice


T Houghton

I can't speak highly enough of the experience I've had at Mayhill. At the first hygienist appointment, Tracy was so kind and patient when explaining and demonstrating exactly how to get the best results from my daily routine. In other places I've felt really embarrassed and ashamed after a visit but not here, it was so relaxed and unhurried that I was able to take all the information in, and I can already feel the difference in my teeth. I also had a filling done and again, I could not have asked for a better experience. Dr Sarah Pegington is a consummate professional, reassuring, patient and explained everything she was doing and why. I'm a nervous patient with bad claustrophobia but I have been able to stay much calmer and tolerate treatment better here than I have anywhere else. Yes, it's expensive. I am not wealthy and getting treatment here rather than on the NHS is a huge investment for me. But I'm confident that the skill and support of the team will mean that I require less treatment ongoing, so it's worth it. Thanks so much again for a wonderful experience (never thought I'd say that after an encounter with the drill and suction hose!)


Lyn Casling

People are excellent and very good at putting you at ease from arriving at reception to treatment.


Mike Greenway

A really good dental practice in all aspects. In the past I have had some bad experiences with other dentists. The care at Mayhill has been exemplary, by choice I would never go anywhere else.



I reluctantly sought a private dentist after being consistently failed by NHS dentistry. The all-round experience at Mayhill has been mouth-transformative. Excellent tooth and gum care from Drs Hart and Dufty aligned with outstanding maintenance and monitoring from Cathrine Tait. The Mayhill plans make this standard of care affordable and has given my teeth a rare second chance.


Robert Seymour

I was made to feel welcome and relaxed by Jay and Lizzy. Jay explained exactly what the problem was and what he needed to do. It was a pain free experience I was also told what I should do during the next few days. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.


Stuart Fitton

Excellent service. Understood what I wanted to achieve and delivered my new smile. Thanks to Jay and Lizzy. Still smiling


Arthur Tatchell

An appointment with Jason, Jay and Lizzy to sort out an already pinned front tooth which had moved, become infected and was hitting the upper teeth. I am a "nervous" dental patient so was not looking forward to the treatment. I need not have worried. Very professional, checking that I was OK from beginning to end. To coin a phrase - I didn't feel a thing! From beginning to end it must have been only 15mins and the tooth was removed. The care didnt end there as I was given a "do's and don't list" to work with for a couple days and a check up arranged for a week's time. To say I look forward to visiting The Mayhill would be an exageration. It is, however, probably the first time ever where I am convinced they have my best interests at heart and will undertake the treatment as quickly and as pain free as possible. Thank you to The Mayhill team.


Steffan Davies

After weeks of struggling with a nasty tooth infection and a lack of progress or urgency with my usual dentist, I visited Mayhill as an emergency case yesterday. I was fitted in with hours notice instead of having to wait another 3 weeks elsewhere. Ellen and Ginny from the reception team were super friendly and professional in both arranging the appointment so swiftly and being accommodating during my visit. David was my dentist, he immediately put me at ease with his manner and was able to expertly solve the problem with a clear course of next steps and aftercare. The price for the treatment was also very reasonable. I am very grateful for being seen so quickly and feel a 100% improvement. In summary, I would highly recommend using this practice. Thanks again.


Scott Taylor

Haven't been to the dentist in years and my initial consultation a few months back with Jason hart was first class, very professional and put me at ease. Today I had my first hygienist appointment in over a decade and Catherine and Holly were great, really happy with my entire experience from start to finish


Kate Thorpe

I want to express my immense gratitude to Jason for his expertise in fitting my new veneers. Throughout the entire process, he took the time to explain each step in detail, ensuring that I understood the procedure and felt at ease. I am absolutely thrilled with the final outcome and couldn't be happier, thank you for giving me a beautiful smile.


Darren Smith

Fantastic service given by very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.


clare wright

A huge thank you to Jason and Lizzy. Who knew that a night retainer could improve your overall health and well-being. As a new patient, and nothing other than basic check ups all my life (I’m no spring chicken!), this is a revelation. I used to wake several times a night with headaches which improved when I was up. I had no idea how badly I was grinding my teeth, but Jason did. After recommending the night retainer, one week in and I’m sleeping soundly and so far no headaches. What can I say. Very, very happy!


Carole Arvanitis

Everything you would want from a dentist. Jay and Lizzi are hugely skilled but also sensitive and empathetic.



Jay and Lizzie were the brilliant team that looked after me so well at my treatment at the Mayhill. I can’t speak highly enough of them in their professionalism and care. I am delighted with my results. Thank you so much


Ludo Graham

Very skilled and sympathetic dentists, nurses and hygienists. Highly recommended


Anna Chilvers

I was referred to Mayhill by my usual dentist for some specialist work and because I have a jaw issue which means I need IV sedation for anything more than a standard filling. I also can’t open my mouth very wide making it tricky for the dentist to work. I can’t thank Dr Guppy and Dr Lello enough for their expertise and also their kindness and patience. My jaw issue has meant that I have felt very nervous about the dentist but I feel so reassured that if I need more complex work I can go to Mayhill. Thank you so much.


david merry

Great service from start to finish. My Daughter has had an invisiline correction treatment, the communication and quality of treatment has been first class. Really friendly bunch and great results. Thanks all.


Eve's Pole and Yoga

I'd been so anxious and nervous when I had to go to the dentist, so I can't tell you how happy I am that I've found Mayhill, where everyone is so patient and kind, absolute professionals, very well equipped, so everything can be done quickly. I actually smile when I go and leave, which is a miracle


Pete Bryden

I've recently had a tricky extraction and implant. Ryan explained the procedures accurately, showing me the x-rays and keeping me updated throughout. Katie completed the team - clearly knowlegeable and efficient, always with a happy smile. Another great experience for me at The Mayhill - thank you.


Bart - The Place & Pub Finder

As many specialists as you can shake a stick at The business is headed up by Mr and Mrs Guppy, and they are not a fish out of water when it comes to Dentistry, and I felt like a Neon Tetra in an Oral Aquarium When it comes to the kit at their disposal we are talking ‘StarTrek’ Get you mouth mapped and 3d scanned as a new patient, then start working through the list of things you have been avoiding or didn’t know about for years. It ain’t cheap, but if you need it done, get it done with eyes wide open. Patient reception is full of ‘Barcelona Chairs’ , I don’t think they are original, but if they were, dentistry would be the occupation to pay for them The Barcelona chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, for the German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929, hosted by Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The Car park is a tad small, so best arrive on a bicycle, horseback or skydive using KwikFit as a possible landing zone To spice things up, plan your trip with a visit to Screwfix next door Or pop over to Lidl (in the middle) to buy all those things you never wanted but felt you needed to buy on the day Thanks to all on reception, a smile goes a long way, and if the patient smiles back their facial expression is ideally suited for the dentist to see their teeth as they enter the allocated treatment room Off to buy some Pork Scratchings now, ‘a Dentists best friend’ “Beam me up Guppy”


Stew Cooper

Everyone is friendly and efficient. Tracey the hygienist is Fab as is David who fitted my implants. Lizzie and Claire, the dental nurses are also great.


ellis page

Brilliant dentist surgery. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Definitely recommend using The Mayhill! Thank you :)


Catherine Evans

I have been with Mayhill for over 3 years and what a lovely dental practice. They are patient, skilful and go out of their way to be gentle and kind. I recently had a composite filling to a front tooth and what amazing work from a very talented Dr Jason Hart BDS. I was so pleased it brought me to tears! Tracy McNulty is an excellent dental hygienist, extremely knowledgable and informative. My overall experience has been absolutely marvellous. I am no longer nervous or apprehensive about any treatment I may need. A wonderful team. I can wholeheartedly recommend them.


Carwyn Eynon

The service is brilliant, all the staff are extremely helpful and professional.



The team here always look after me. Excellent and professional.


Stacey Priddle

Incredibly thorough and detailed, unrushed care. Highly recommended. Hygienist is excellent too.


Joanne du Plessis

Most thorough dental examination I have ever undergone in the UK. I needed some urgent dental care and this surgery very kindly accommodated me the same day. I was extremely impressed at the friendly yet very professional staff. The attention to detail was second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending this practice. Excellent!



Excellent service. Kind and friendly from beginning to end. I'm really appreciative of the service. Thanks so much.


Dave Gaish

Spot on, very very professional right from the front door through all the staff. So friendly and caring.


nick sutton

I was referred to mayhill by my regular dentist as he thought 2 implants would be the best option for me, Apprehensive at first but the whole procedure was A ok. I now have 2implants with a 3 tooth bridge which I don’t know is there, Excellent


Quentin Morgan

Dr David Guppy is an amazing surgeon. Been a patient for 16 years now. He has saved so many of my teeth that other surgeons wanted to extract, says it all. I've had implants, root canals, crowns and cosmetic procedures done, I can eat properly again and don't have to look downwards anymore when smiling. I used to be a very nervous patient, not anymore. Brilliant service from Helen and team. No wonder to me they are a multi award winning dental practice.


Michael Turnbull

I had a consultation with a really kind and friendly orthodontist at this practice, Dr Cross, I was a little nervous about talking about my aesthetic concerns, however he put me at ease straight away and gave honest, sensible advice. I have always been a nervous patient, but Dr Cross puts me at ease and is very talented. Definitely recommend: at first I was concerned it was a lot of money to pay, but once I realized the level of support I would be given throughout the treatment it seemed really good value for money: especially since the result was so good


Kath Finn

Having been told that I needed to lose another two teeth, thankfully I found Mayhill Dentists. Dr David Guppy and his team saved the two teeth, replaced a missing tooth, rescued the wreck that was my mouth and remedied a crooked bite. The skill and professionalism demonstrated are second to none, I would unreservedly recommend the Practice.


calvin shaw

Amazing! I have a fear of the dentist and needed a tooth removed, jason and his nurse (unsure of name possibly holly?) Was outstanding! Would highly recommend


Sarah Spear

The Mayhill Dental Centre are certainly Specialists in their field. From the 1st treatment I was made to feel at ease and treated with care throughout. I will most definitely recommend your practice to friends & family a huge thank you to all the staff.

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