Dental Implants at The Mayhill

A modern dental implant is a titanium screw gently inserted into a patient’s jaw. After a short period of healing a single ceramic tooth can be secured to the screw. In some cases a tooth can be placed immediately. Additional implants can be used to secure bridgework or to stabilise dentures. The “All-On-4” concept developed by Nobel Biocare can be used to restore a whole dental arch with a fixed prosthesis, stabilised by as few as four dental implants.

It is easy to underestimate the consequences of losing a single tooth let alone having to wear partial or full dentures. Loss of confidence, pain and poor function are often the sequalae to loosing teeth.

‘In my experience implants can transform the lives of patients blighted by premature tooth loss. I have a 13 year audit trail demonstrating a 98% success rate as defined by the European Implantology Society having carried out over 2000 surgical procedures. As implant therapy has become more popular, many more dentists are placing implants with only limited training and experience. The testimonials and examples of patients I have treated are on this site. These are real cases on real people and not animations used on many web sites.’

– David Guppy


Will the procedure be painful?

Testimonials from patients will confirm that placement is painless. Mild post-operative discomfort is easily controlled with anti-inflammatory drugs. There is usually no disturbance to daily life or work.

How long do implants last?

With good maintenance implants can last decades. Occasional problems do arise but can usually be rectified quite easily.

How much do implants cost?

For many patients cost is often the biggest barrier to treatment. The cost of replacing a single tooth is approximately £2300. Multiple replacements have a much lower unit cost. For example, a full arch of fixed teeth can cost from £9000. We understand that a significant investment is required, however patients who have had implants for many years regard this as a long-term investment in their dental health and wellbeing.

Implant cases

These cases have all been completed by David Guppy. Please note that we do not exhibit any cases without the permission of the patient, nor do we use any animation or professional picture archives.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implant retained bridgework.


Single tooth implant to replace a failing post crown

implants 1Impants 2

Implant retained crowns replacing discoloured central incisors

implants 3Implants 4

Full mouth rehabilitation

We have seen many patients over the years who have mistakenly believed that there was no hope for their teeth. In some circumstances their dentist had condemned them to dentures. It has been a privilege to rehabilitate these individuals restoring their confidence, function and appearance.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants


Worn dentition restored with implants and crowns


Full mouth rehabilitation with implant retained bridgework



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