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Finding a top quality Orthodontist in the other areas surrounding South Wales has just got easier. Located in Monmouth, Dr Ben Cross has over 17years experience delivering the best smiles. Orthodontics is the most effective and least invasive way of achieving straight teeth. It is a popular choice for both adults and children. Straight teeth are usually healthy teeth, maintenance is easier and this reduces the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. This is as true in teenage years as it is mid to late life.

Orthodontics in adults is now common place with the introduction of “invisible braces”. Technology has advanced to allow braces to be practically invisible. The metal brackets can be fitted to the back of your teeth or ceramic and clear wires can make train tracks disappear. We also offer invisalign which are clear, removable invisible aligners. Orthodontic treatment can be a fast, cost effective way of improving your smile and restoring your confidence.

Dr Ben Cross has a reputation based on a thorough approach to treatment and an empathetic manner. Ben can be relied upon to offer the best outcome for his patients. This involves dealing with tooth crowding, protruding teeth, cross bites and gaps between teeth. His experience, patience and understanding puts his patients immediately at ease.

Find the right Orthodontist for your child

The aim of orthodontic treatment is to gently straighten teeth whilst at the same time improving the function. Creating a beautiful smile for your child will help boost confidence and give your child a great start in life. It is recommended that your child gets their first orthodontic consultation between the age of 7 and 11 while their teeth and jaws are still developing.

Adult Orthodontics

  • Improve smile by reducing overcrowding
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Correcting orthodontic relapse from childhood
  • Correcting orthodontic relapse from childhood

Types of Braces:

Traditional Braces

These apply pressure to your teeth, gradually moving them into position. The brackets are positioned on the front of the teeth and can be metal or tooth coloured. Traditional braces are both effective and highly affordable. The main disadvantage of this type of brace is the appearance. It is the least discreet and can be off putting to adults.

Hereford Orthodontist example of TreatmentOrthodontist in Hereford results

Tooth Coloured ceramic braces

These work in the same way as traditional metal braces. The brackets are made of a translucent ceramic metal which allows the teeth to show through. They are more aesthetically pleasing and a popular option.

Example of Clear Braces Near herefordExample of clear braces - Mayhill Orthodontics

Invisible Braces

Lingual or Incognito Braces

The Incognito or lingual system is the ultimate in invisible orthodontics. The brackets are fitted to the back of your teeth. These are cast in gold to give you the best performance and fit. Treatment can last up to 2 years.

Example of BracesDifferent teeth straightening options

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments and can give you a set of straight teeth without the need for unsightly braces.

Using 3D technology a custom made aligner is made to match the exact dimensions of your teeth. These are completely transparent, comfortable to wear whilst gently moving the teeth to the desired position. We use the Insignia system which have given patient’s excellent results.

Using 3D technology a custom made aligner is made to match the exact dimensions of your teeth. These are completely transparent, comfortable to wear whilst gently moving the teeth to the desired position. We use the Insignia system which have given patient’s excellent results.

This system is used for light to moderate tooth movements.

Clear Aligners from Hereford Orthodontist

How to Care for your Teeth and Braces

Whilst wearing braces it is essential you look after your teeth and gums. Brackets and wires have many nooks and crannies that can trap food and plaque.

  • Continue to visit your dentist for regular check-ups.
  • Avoid hard, sticky foods such as toffee and nuts. Foods like apples should be cut into small pieces.
  • Do not chew on pencils or bite your fingernails.
  • Wear mouth guards if you play contact sport.
  • Avoid snacking between meals.
  • Regular tooth brushing paying special attention around the brackets and between the teeth and gums.

Brace Discomfort

This is normal when your brace is first fitted. The teeth will be tender but this should ease after the first week. Pain killers can be used to ease discomfort. We also recommend wax to relieve rubbing.

Brace Repairs

Please call us for advice if your brace is broken or if a wire has come loose.


Will having a brace hurt?

There may be some tenderness in the first or second evening, but the actual fitting of the brackets is painless.

Will I need to have teeth out?

This will depend on the level of crowding. Most treatments with modern brace systems can be done without removing teeth. However there are cases when removing a tooth or teeth will give a better result.

Will I be able to eat as normal?

With fixed braces you will need to avoid certain foods that could damage your braces. For example toffees, crusty and sticky food. With clear removable braces these can be taken out when you want to eat.

Will I need a retainer?

A retainer will be needed following completion of treatment in order to avoid the teeth trying to return to their original position (relapse).

How often will I need an appointment?

Once your brace has been fitted you will need to see the orthodontist every 6-8 weeks for adjustments.

Is it expensive?

The cost will depend on the type of brace and the length of treatment. The expense of the treatment should be weighed up against the long term quality of life that straight teeth will give you.

Private Treatment Fees

Adult Consultation £80
Child Consultation £70

Fixed brace treatments

Children From £1500 – £3600
Adults From £3200
Incognito From £6000

0% Finance is available. Please ask for more details.There are also a number of different options available, to find out what option is best for you get in contact and book a consultation with Dr Evans by filling in the form on the right hand side or call (01600) 712020

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