Oral surgery at The Mayhill

We undertake all aspects of oral surgery that can be carried out under local anaesthesia, with or without sedation, including extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, orthodontic extractions and surgical exposure. Our oral surgeon will relieve you of those troublesome situations that can arise in general practice that can often undermine patient relationships and lead to poor scheduling.

A detailed referral with relevant up-to-date radiographs may allow consultation and simultaneous treatment, however, if your patient requires sedation then they must attend a consultation. Nirmal Patel has a special interest in treating anxious and phobic patients.

Simple extractions

Incisors from £70
Pre-Molars from £80
Molars from £110


Surgical extractions

Incisors from £150
Pre-Molars from £175
Molars from £200
Wisdom teeth from £250 per tooth
IV sedation from £250


Orthodontic surgery

Frenectomy from £200
Buccal exposure from £275
Submerged deciduous teeth from £175



3-3 only from £400
Closure Of OAF/OAC from £350


Pre-prosthetic surgery

Alveolar ridge from £350

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