Periodontics at The Mayhill

We now offer a Comprehensive Periodontal Referral Service led by Dr Jim Dufty. Quite simply Jim can be regarded as one of the most recognisable figures in British Periodontology. Currently he is chairman of the BDA Armed Forces Group and teaches on the MclinDent (prosthodontic) courses at Kings College London. Jim is in the business of saving teeth and is able to offer both hard and soft tissue grafting where indicated. He will work closely with our therapist Catherine Tait in cases referred to us.

Jim is keen to stress that he does not regard periodontology treatment as an inevitable entry toward implantology. Prolonging the life of the natural dentition is the ultimate goal where possible. We have to acknowledge the prevalence of peri implantitis. This condition can be non- progressive with the correct treatment protocols and Jim would be the ideal person to manage those situations.

Price Guide for Periodontal Referrals
Consultation from £120 (1 hour appointment)
Non-Surgical Treatment from £300 Surgical Treatment from £400 (+ materials) Reassessment from £100

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